Indoor and outdoor pest management near Webster, WI.

MPM’s Premium Bi-Monthly Service

This service is an insect and rodent prevention program that consists of 6 treatments per year. Being able to reassess your pest problems every other month allows us to stay ahead of anything coming your way. This is, hands down, the best protection we offer for your home.

  • 6 services per year
  • Customized pest protection year round
  • Year round guaranteed service
  • No cost emergency service (excluding bed bugs and fleas)
  • Minimal to no odor treatments

MPM’s Premium Quarterly Service

This service is an occasional invader and rodent prevention program that consists of 4 treatments per year. If the main concern is spiders and flying insects you may need more treatments. One treatment per season allows us to customize to your seasonal needs. If peak flying insect season in the Fall does not end up being close to that service, an additional service at a charge may be needed.

  • 4 services per year
  • Customized pest protection year round
  • 30 day guaranteed service
  • Minimal to no odor treatments
Rodent and pest management company located in Webster, WI.

MPM’s Premium Spring, Summer and Fall Service

This service is an occasional invader and Fall flyer prevention program that consists of 3 treatments per year, scheduled around the peak insect conditions of these three seasons.

  • 1-3 services per year
  • Services are around peak pest activity times
  • 30 day guaranteed service
  • minimal to no odor treatments

MPM’s Premium One Time Service

This service can come in many forms: bats, bedbugs, drain cleaning, fleas, hornets, rodents, wasp etc… We will come out and identify your issue and the best way to rectify it. This service will not cover any type of re-infestation outside of the guarantee.

  • 1 time service
  • Focus on one time target pest
  • 30-90 day guaranteed service per pest basis


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The west side of my home was infested with paper wasps. Couldn't even walk out our deck door without getting dive bombed! I called, they treated two days after my call and low and behold...They were GONE! I sat on my deck about a week later. I was outside for nearly three hours and only saw 2 flying about, but they did not hang around. Cannot thank you enough Shawn for a wonderful beginning to summer! Highly recommend this business.

-KJ Zim

I was having a terrible time with mice in my house last fall, worse than usual. I tried to find all the entrance spots & seal them on my own but it didn't make any improvement on the number of mice still leaving messes & doing damage. So at my wits end I called Chaz & I am so glad I did! Right after Chaz sealed & treated the house I caught one last mouse & haven't had any problem since! It's been such a relief not to have to worry about mice in my house & more importantly in my kitchen. My only regret is that I didn't call MPM sooner! Very professional & knowledgable! Highly recommend them to anyone having any kind of pest issues.

- Brenda Spears

We live on sandy soil and are always battling ants. For 15 years we have paid exorbitant amounts of money to a "Big Name Pest Control" company- all the while, we STILL battled the ants!! Shawn came in, gave us a VERY thorough assessment and treatment, and I seriously have had less than a dozen ants in my yard this summer! There are no mounds in the driveway or buried in the grass. I am also finding dead spiders downstairs- something the other company wasn't able to kill. They stated that spiders had to be killed 'on contact'-not true.
MPM is now the only company I will have service my pest control needs. Shawn is extremely competent, friendly, thorough, and as a bonus- they are reasonably priced too. 5+ Stars!

- Cassie Hoffman Mann