Mice primarily invade the home for two reasons; food and shelter.  It only takes a small crack or hole on the exterior of your home for a small mouse to enter. If the mice find what they need for survival – food, water, and shelter, they will multiply rapidly. 

Mice are amazing athletes. Most mice native to our area can run up to 12 feet horizontally and 12 inches vertically. These athletic abilities coupled with incisor teeth built for knawing make it relatively easy to enter a home through any unsecured area. 

Deer Mouse
House Mouse

Mice Species Common To Wisconsin And Minnesota

There are several mice species common to Wisconsin and Minnesota but we only need to worry about the House Mouse and Deer Mouse entering our homes. It is important for your pest management team to differentiate these two species from another common rodent in our area, the Norway Rat.


Look for entry points to your home and check around your home for nests


Identify the species of mouse you are dealing with

Set Traps In Home

Bait stations and glue traps or snap traps

Seal Entry Points

Caulk or seal off all entry points to home

Prevent Further Mice Infestations

  • Double check and seal off all entry points with caulk or steel wool
  • Keep basement and attic tidy
  • Eliminate excess moisture from home
  • Keep food in air-tight containers and store all food properly
  • Throw away old, or unused food

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