Spiders are as familiar and well known to most people as they are disliked. The unpopular reputation of spiders is undeserved. Myths about spiders and the negative consequences of biting by a very, very small number of species overshadow the ecological benefits spiders provide.

All spiders are beneficial predators that feed on insects, spiders, and other arthropods, and thus help reduce pest populations in and around homes, landscapes, gardens, and crops.

Spiders Native to Wisconsin & Minnesota

The most common household spiders you will find in Wisconsin and Minnesota are the wolf spider, sac spider, fishing spider, sowbug spider, jumping spider, parson spider, crab spider, cobweb spider, cellar spider, and orb weaver spider.


How We Can Help With Your Spider Infestation

Control of spiders is best achieved with an integrated pest management (IPM) approach that includes multiple tactics for prevention, exclusion, and population reduction. Since the type of spider will determine the necessary control actions, start by identifying the spider involved.


Look for entry points to your home


Identify the species of spider that you are dealing with

Capture & Discard

How this is done will depend on species and severity of infestation

Eliminate Webs (nesting areas)

Thorough cleanup of webs is needed to prevent future inhabitants

Prevent Further Spider Infestations

  • Remove clutter and clean home
  • Remove webbing
  • Eliminate insects that may serve as a food supply to spiders
  • Remove piles of debris outside, including wood, bricks, etc.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes that may be in contact with your home
  • Caulk or seal cracks or gaps around the foundation, doors, and ground level windows

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