Like many other pests, the sign of a wasp infestation can be worrysome for many homeowners. Although they do provide benefits around your home, wasps can be aggressive and sting a subject multiple times. If you have a wasp infestation and are allergic to stings, it should be a priority to try to remove them quickly. (If you are allergic to bee stings and are stung by a wasp, consult your physician a.s.a.p.)

How to Identify My Wasp Infestation

Wasps have two sets of wings and a thin abdomen. They can be black, yellow, blue, and sometimes, even green in color, depending on the species of wasp. 


Inspect elevated areas around your home for wasp nests


Confirm that you are indeed dealing with wasps

Inside Treatment

Clear your home from wasps using the best techniques for your infestation

Outside Treatment

Seal entry points and remove problematic nests

Prevent Further Wasp Infestations

  • Seal off entry points
  • Remove food sources

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